18:13 | 04.11

Manchester in the Hell and the City which Adores Football (+VIDEO)

We sat in the press box near fans and witnessed a lot of interesting facts – before the start of the match a child was sitting near us. He was holding a banner: “Manchester United, welcome to the hell”. Sukru Saracoglu was a real hell for the English club.

12:48 | 09.07

Half Step Up to the First Level looked through the history of the Georgian rugby and mentioned that Georgia is no longer a second-level rugby country and is only half step behind the first level:


19:26 | 23.06.2016

0"The unknown wrestler"

The wrestling has always been a favorite sport for Georgians, and this sense of love became the basis for legends and myths. According to one of the legends the European, World and Olympic champion had ...

11:12 | 16.06.2016

0Sound from Geneva-Lyon Bus and Unforgettable "Putin Khuilo"

Very odd people gathered in the bus from Geneva to Lyon yesterday. Northern Irish fans and the Ukrainians were going to the match of their teams, which will take place today at the stadium of Lyon. There ...

10:59 | 14.06.2016

0Italian's Great Joy, Belgians Sorrow and Victory of Football! (Special Report)

Before the match of Italy-Belgium, the entire Lyon was filled with fans. The majority of fans were from Belgium. In the bars, cafes and other touristic places, you will be able to hear the song of the ...

18:21 | 08.06.2016

0Be Happy, Remember and Do not Get Lost in Euphoria

In this article we will not write only about good things. We will also discuss pre-match days and what was happening after yesterday’s victory. The main thing: we must not get lost in euphoria. …It ...

19:29 | 24.05.2016

0Georgia-Slovakia: Only Once before, in Cyprus

Georgia will hold a friendly match against Slovakia in Austria on May 27. The Georgians have played Slovakia only once before and they won it. It was 16 years ago when late Davit Kipiani and Revaz Dzodzuashvili ...

16:30 | 18.03.2016

0It Is Jaba's Cup!

…The editorial staff of ”World Sport” decided it and its Cup which as a result of an annual poll is awarded to the best football player of the year, this time is awarded to Jaba Kankava, midfielder of ...

21:49 | 13.03.2016

0Vladimir Weiss - Coach with Achievements

Vladimir Weiss of Slovakia – for the first time in history of independent Georgia the coach with national team experience will head the Georgian team. The executive committee of the Georgian Football ...

16:47 | 14.02.2016

0Aburjania - the Future in La Liga

Giorgi Aburjania has just moved to Spain and he is already establishing himself in foreign country. The Georgian midfielder held only 3 matches in “Gimnastic” Tarragona and brought 4 points to his team. When ...

17:08 | 21.12.2015

0Davit Petriashvili - A Man, Who was Doing a Great Job and Did Not Like to Show Himself

Davit Petriashvili passed away at the age of 46 – the man, who was an important figure not only in Georgian football, but is UEFA as well. He was such person you could not say anything bad about him. Smiling, ...

13:55 | 14.12.2015

0The Water Does Not Have to Stir Up!

Rugby is the most successful sports in Georgia and perhaps, being a part of it is a great honor for everyone. At the same time, it is a sport with different approach, unwritten traditions and to pry into ...

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