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Be Happy, Remember and Do not Get Lost in Euphoria

In this article we will not write only about good things. We will also discuss pre-match days and what was happening after yesterday’s victory. The main thing: we must not get lost in euphoria.

…It is a beautiful photo and expresses everything. The Georgia national team defeated Spain 1:0 in Madrid on June 7. La Furia Roja lost only one home match in the last 10 years: 0:1 against Germany.

The author of the most memorable goal in independent Georgia’s history is hugging those boys who achieved the most glorious victory in independent Georgia’s history.

Who does not remember, Levan Kobiashvili scored against Croatia on March 26, 2011, and Temur Ketsbaia’s team won 1:0.

There is another moment: we are often satisfied with one victory and forget about problems. We do not have illusion that we will beat Spain again but why cannot we have the same attitude in other matches too?!

We are sure protest (let us ban football) effected on the players. It was an insult of the whole football family. It is easy to say to ban football. We understand (do not understand but still) you hate today’s generation but what about the children?

The comparison of football and rugby is boring. First of all, both of them are ours and we do not think such tension between sports fans exists in any other country. We must take care of them.