18:42 | 21.09

Three Times in a Row - Geno Petriashvili Is a World Champion!

Geno Petriashvili (125 kg) is a world champion three times in a row! Petriashvili beat Taha Akguel of Turkey in final of World Freestyle Wrestling Championship. It is the first gold medal of Georgia at the current championship.

17:46 | 17.09

Iakob Kajaia's Bronze Medal and License for Tokyo Olympics at World Championship!

Georgia gained medal at World Championship in Greco-Roman wrestling which is underway in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.


19:35 | 21.09

0Geno Petriashvili VS Taha Akgul (VIDEO)

11:48 | 03.05

0Six Medals of the Georgian Greco-Roman Wrestling Team

The Georgian Greco-Roman wrestling team ended up the European Championship 2018 with one gold, one silver and 4 bronze medals. On the third day of European Championship held in Kaspiysk city of Russia, ...

12:04 | 27.11

0Skhulukhia and Kenchadze Won Bronze Medals

The Georgian freestyle wrestling team finished Senior U23 World Championship with 1 gold and 3 bronze medal and took the third place.

13:50 | 26.11

0Petriashvili's Gold and Mtsituri's Bronze

Geno Petriashvili (125 kg) celebrated another big victory in 2017. The European bronze medal winner and the current world champion won gold medal at Senior U23 World Championships.

20:18 | 29.08

0Geno Petriashvili Was Named the Best Wrestler of the Year

Georgian wrestler Geno Petriashvili who won gold medal at World Championship in Paris was named the best freestyle wrestler 2016 by UWW.

09:37 | 27.08

0New Triumph of Freestyle Wrestling Team

The Georgian freestyle wrestling team won two gold medals at World Championship for the first time in history of independent Georgia. After Geno Petriashvili’s (125 kg) triumph, Zurab Iakobishvili (65 ...

22:38 | 26.08

0Iakobishvili's Gold at World Championship (VIDEO)

09:38 | 26.08

0The First Georgian Gold in Paris - Freestyle Wrestlers Started with Two Medals

The fifth day of World Championship finished with the Georgian anthem. Freestyle wrestler Geno Petriashvili (125 kg) beat favorite Taha Akgul of Turkey (10:8) in final.

23:21 | 25.08

0Geno Petriashvili Is a World Champion (VIDEO)

11:17 | 23.08

0Zurab Datunashvili Lost Repechage Final

The second day of World Championship which is underway in Paris turned out to be unsuccessful for the Georgian Greco-Roman wrestling team. Four Georgians wrestled on the French mat but none of them managed ...