00:25 | 08.12

A Brilliant Match of Giorgi Shermadini!

In the 12th round of Spanish Liga Endesa, Giorgi Shermadini had a brilliant match. “Iberostar Tenerife” of the Georgian player won over “Murcia” 85:78.

03:22 | 07.12

20 Points of Shengelia

Tornike Shengelia’s “Baskonia” lost to “Anadolu Efes” 77:102.


01:40 | 04.12

019 Points of Giorgi Shermadini

Spanish “Iberostar Tenerife” won the 7th match in a row group c of Champions League. Giorgi Shermadini’s team hosted “Bamberg” and won 82:64.

01:59 | 02.12

0Giorgi Shermadini's "Tenerife" Lost to "Barcelona"

In the 11th round of Spanish Liga Endesa Giorgi Shermadini’s “Iberostar Tenerife” lost to “Barcelona” 71:103.

23:16 | 01.12

08 Points of Beka Burjanadze

In the 11th round of Spanish Liga Endesa, Beka Burjanadze’s “Gran Canaria” hosted “Fuenlabrada” and won 102:78.

02:56 | 01.12

0Bad Days of Shengelia and "Baskonia"

In the 11th round of Spanish Liga Endesa, Tornike Shengelia’s “Baskonia” visited “Morabanc Andorra” and lost without fighting 82:97.

01:30 | 29.11

0Unsuccessful Day of Tornike Shengelia and "Baskonia" in EuroLeague

„Baskonia” of Tornike Shengelia ended up the 2-match winning series with failure in Athens. The Spanish team lost to “Panathinaicos” 68:100.

13:44 | 06.10

0Giorgi Shermadini - Top Scorer and MVP against Real!

In the third round of Spanish Liga Endesa Giorgi Shermadini’s Iberostar Tenerife hosted Real Madrid and lost 71:76.

09:10 | 30.09

0Tornike Shengelia's 16 Points against Barcelona

In the second round of Spanish Liga Endesa Baskonia lost to Barcelona in Catalonia. Barcelona won 95:87 in overtime.

09:15 | 30.08

1Zaza Pachulia Returns to the Golden State Warriors but Retires

Legendary Georgian basketball player Zaza Pachulia has retired, website of Golden State Warriors reports.

17:44 | 29.07

1Dirk Nowitzki to Come to Georgia

Dirk Nowitzki, legendary basketball player of Dallas Mavericks, is coming to Georgia on August 3, Facebook page of Zaza Academy reports.

08:42 | 21.06

0Goga Bitadze Was Selected No.18 Pick by Indiana Pacers

19-year-old Georgian basketball player Goga Bitadze will play for Indiana Pacers. Today the Georgian center was selected No.18 pick by Indiana at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.