15:25 | 07.07

The Georgian Sumo Wrestlers' Unsuccessful Start in Nagoya

Georgian sumo wrestlers have unsuccessful start at Nagoya Basho. The both Georgians lost on the first day of the tournament.

18:24 | 30.06

Georgia Finished European Games with 30 Medals!

Today the second European Games hosted by Minsk, Belarus, has finished. This tournament turned out to be very successful for Georgia.


13:30 | 12.07

0Tochinoshin Withdrew from Nagoya Basho

Georgian sumo wrestler Levan Gorgadze is suffering from injuries and pulled out of Nagoya Basho. Tochinoshin lost all 5 bouts at the current tournament.

15:28 | 26.05

0The Mission Is Complete! - Natsu Basho Has Finished (+VIDEO)

Natsu Basho finished sensationally. The 8th maegashira Asanoyama won Emperor’s Cup.

13:02 | 24.05

0Referees Made Tochinoshin Lose a Bout (+VIDEO)

The 13th day of Natsu Basho was one of the most important days for Tochinoshin because he was to wrestle against leader Asanoyama.

15:42 | 22.05

0Gagamaru Could not Achieve Positive Balance on the 11th Day of Natsu Basho (+VIDEO)

The 11th day of Natsu Basho turned out to be unsuccessful for Georgian sumo wrestlers because like Tochinoshin, Teimuraz Jugeli also lost his bout.

15:07 | 22.05

0Tochinoshin Gave up the Position of the Leader (+VIDEO)

The 11th day of Natsu Basho turned out to be unsuccessful for Levan Gorgadze. Tochinoshin lost to the second maegashira Abi.

15:10 | 20.05

0Gagamaru Beat Azumaryu (+VIDEO)

Teimuraz Jugeli celebrated the sixth victory on the 9th day of Natsu Basho. Gagamaru defeated the fourth juryo Azumaryu.

14:10 | 20.05

0Tochinoshin Achieved Positive Balance at Natsu Basho

Georgian sumo wrestler Levan Gorgadze achieved positive balance without holding a bout.

13:39 | 19.05

0Tochinoshin's First Failure at Natsu Basho (+VIDEO)

Levan Gorgadze lost the first bout at Natsu Basho. Tochinoshin fell to the second maegashira Endo.

13:25 | 17.05

0Gagamaru Celebrated the Fourth Victory at Natsu Basho (+VIDEO)

Teimuraz Jugeli celebrated another victory on the sixth day of Natsu Basho. Gagamaru beat Yutakayama, one of the leaders of juryo.

13:13 | 17.05

0Tochinoshin Is Leading Natsu Basho without a Loss! (+VIDEO)

Levan Gorgadze is still unbeaten. Tochinoshin won 6 bouts in a row at Natsu Basho.