16:13 | 25.08

Zaza Nadiradze Won Bronze Medal at World Championship! (+VIDEO)

Georgian canoeist Zaza Nadiradze won bronze medal at the 2019 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships which is underway in Szeged, Hungary.

15:25 | 07.07

The Georgian Sumo Wrestlers' Unsuccessful Start in Nagoya

Georgian sumo wrestlers have unsuccessful start at Nagoya Basho. The both Georgians lost on the first day of the tournament.


14:42 | 17.09

0Tochinoshin Is Unstoppable, the Georgian Celebrated Three Victories in a Row! (+VIDEO)

Levan Gorgadze celebrated the third victory in a row on the 10th day of Aki Basho. Tochinoshin beat Maegashira 5 East Chiyotairyu and has equal balance – 5:5.

14:33 | 15.09

0Tochinoshin Beat Shodai (+VIDEO)

The eighth day of Aki Basho turned out to be successful for Levan Gorgadze. Tochinoshin beat Maegashira 4 West Shodai.

11:35 | 15.09

0Gagamaru's Fifth Failure at Aki Basho (+VIDEO)

Teimuraz Jugeli lost his bout at Aki Basho. The Georgian fell to Juryo 14 Kaisho.

14:35 | 13.09

0Tochinoshin Is in a Tough Situation (+VIDEO)

The sixth day of Aki Basho was unsuccessful for Georgian sumo wrestlers. Like Gagamaru, Levan Gorgadze also lost his bout.

14:29 | 11.09

0Tochinoshin's Third Failure (+VIDEO)

The fourth day of Aki Basho turned out to be unsuccessful for Georgian sumo wrestlers. Tochinoshin faced Abi and lost the third bout at the fifth super tournament of the year.

13:30 | 12.07

0Tochinoshin Withdrew from Nagoya Basho

Georgian sumo wrestler Levan Gorgadze is suffering from injuries and pulled out of Nagoya Basho. Tochinoshin lost all 5 bouts at the current tournament.

18:24 | 30.06

0Georgia Finished European Games with 30 Medals!

Today the second European Games hosted by Minsk, Belarus, has finished. This tournament turned out to be very successful for Georgia.

15:28 | 26.05

2The Mission Is Complete! - Natsu Basho Has Finished (+VIDEO)

Natsu Basho finished sensationally. The 8th maegashira Asanoyama won Emperor’s Cup.

13:02 | 24.05

1Referees Made Tochinoshin Lose a Bout (+VIDEO)

The 13th day of Natsu Basho was one of the most important days for Tochinoshin because he was to wrestle against leader Asanoyama.

15:42 | 22.05

0Gagamaru Could not Achieve Positive Balance on the 11th Day of Natsu Basho (+VIDEO)

The 11th day of Natsu Basho turned out to be unsuccessful for Georgian sumo wrestlers because like Tochinoshin, Teimuraz Jugeli also lost his bout.