20:06 | 15.01

Can Sports in Georgia Profit from Online Casino Sponsorship

Modern sport evolves, and athletes need more funding to improve their training conditions and status. Can sponsorship from Georgian online casinos help?

20:13 | 31.01

For the First Time in History: the Georgian Water Polo Team Has a Chance to Play at Tokyo Olympics

The Georgian water polo team will play at Olympic qualifying tournament for the first time in its history. 12 teams will participate in this tournament.


15:10 | 17.04.2024

0Ilia Topuria: "It Is Important that the Voices of the Georgian People to be Heard and Respected"

Famous Georgian athletes are protesting the so-called “Russian law” bill and supporting Georgia’s European future.

17:12 | 24.01.2020

0Georgia Lost to Germany and Finished European Championship in the Tenth Place

The Georgian water polo team finished European Championship in the 10th place. Revaz Chomakhidze’s team faced Germany for the ninth place and lost 8:9.

13:44 | 24.01.2020

0Tochinoshin Guaranteed Negative Balance at Hatsu Basho

Levan Gorgadze lost a bout on the 13th day of Hatsu Basho. Tochinoshin fell to ozeki Goeido.

13:30 | 23.01.2020

0Tochinoshin Lost the Second Meeting in a Row at Hatsu Basho

Levan Gorgadze lost the second meeting in a row on the 12th day of Hatsu Basho. Tochinoshin faced Ozeki Takakeisho and lost with Kotenage.

18:25 | 22.01.2020

1Georgia Beat Turkey and Plays for the Ninth Place

The Georgian water polo team gained a right to play for the ninth place at European Championship in Budapest. After a dramatic failure against Russia in 1/8 final, today Revaz Chomakhidze’s team faced ...

15:47 | 22.01.2020

0After Two Victories in a Row, Tochinoshin Failed to Okinoumi

After two wins in a row, Levan Gorgadze lost a bout at Hatsu Basho. On the 11th day the Georgian sumo wrestler fell to maegashira 4 East Okinoumi.

13:17 | 21.01.2020

1Tochinoshin's Amazing Fighting Efficiency and Second Victory in a Row at Hatsu Basho

On the 19th day of Hatsu Basho, Levan Gorgadze gained victory. The Georgian faced sekiwake Asanoyama and defeated him by Shitatenage.

23:47 | 20.01.2020

0Russia - Georgia 14:13 (VIDEO)

21:43 | 20.01.2020

1Georgian National Team Lost to Russia in a Dramatic Battle

The Georgian water polo team lost in the 1/8 final match against Russia at the European Championship, but in spite of a tense game there could have been another outcome.

15:36 | 20.01.2020

0Tochinoshin Beat Tamawashi at Hatsu Basho

The ninth day of Hatsu Basho turned out to be successful for Levan Gorgadze. The Georgian sumo wrestler defeated maegashira 3 East Tamawashi.

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