FIFA World Cup

14:56 | 15.07

"Copa de Mundo" was Held

I would not be biased if I say that World Championship was held in Brazil. Unfortunately, the time passed quickly. It happens so, you wait for the first forum of World football for 4 years and as Brazilians call “Copa de Mundo” ends in a month.

The fact that the FIFA World Cup was hold in Brazil, speaks for itself. Before its start, there were talks about that the country was not ready for such a big forum. Perhaps, there were small problems in organizing side, but overall it is nothing to compare with those hundreds of thousands of fans, who saw this. Some of the matches beat the record of TV audience of some countries.

20:30 | 13.07

"Maracana" - the World's Football Epicenter

On the final day of World Cup security measures are enhanced near “Maracana”. You have to walk quite a long distance to reach the stadium. Besides journalists, the police let only ticket holders enter the territory. The military police helicopters are patrolling in the sky. It is natural because lots of officials from different countries will attend the final.


16:41 | 13.06

0"Fuleco" - Three-Banded Mascot of World Cup

Every World Cup has its own mascot and neither Brazil 2014 is an exception. According to the survey of World Cup organizing committee, in September 2012 the population of Brazil voted for “Fuleco” ...

10:36 | 13.06

0Brazil Opened in Sao Paulo, "FIFA Fan Fest" on "Copacabana"

Two years ago I gained experience at European Championship and I know what it means to watch the match of the host team in fan zone. So, I did not lose my chance to watch the opening match of the 2014 ...

12:15 | 12.06

0Media Center, Bus Drivers, Lack of Volunteers

On the second day after my arrival in Rio de Janeiro, I went to the “Maracana” stadium to get my accreditation. There are three types of transport for movement in Rio: bus, subway and taxi. ...

00:23 | 12.06

0"Maracana" - The Great Arena of Unbeaten Records

It is not surprising, that the stadium “Maracana”, which once contained the largest number of fans, has the name of journalist. This is Brazil, where the journalist was even a head coach of ...

21:33 | 11.06!

The readers of can go to , the special site for the 2014 World Cup. The site presents the participant teams of World Cup, groups, calendars, etc.

21:22 | 06.12

0World Championship 2010 Final will be Repeated at the Group Stage 2014

2010 World Cup finalists, Spain and Dutch national teams will play against each other in the first round of the group stage of the Championship 2014. World football’s European Grandees are in the ...