FIFA World Cup

14:56 | 15.07

"Copa de Mundo" was Held

I would not be biased if I say that World Championship was held in Brazil. Unfortunately, the time passed quickly. It happens so, you wait for the first forum of World football for 4 years and as Brazilians call “Copa de Mundo” ends in a month.

The fact that the FIFA World Cup was hold in Brazil, speaks for itself. Before its start, there were talks about that the country was not ready for such a big forum. Perhaps, there were small problems in organizing side, but overall it is nothing to compare with those hundreds of thousands of fans, who saw this. Some of the matches beat the record of TV audience of some countries.

20:30 | 13.07

"Maracana" - the World's Football Epicenter

On the final day of World Cup security measures are enhanced near “Maracana”. You have to walk quite a long distance to reach the stadium. Besides journalists, the police let only ticket holders enter the territory. The military police helicopters are patrolling in the sky. It is natural because lots of officials from different countries will attend the final.


10:34 | 30.06

0Football Belongs to Everyone

When I first saw the fans in wheelchairs on the stadium, it badly acted on me. However, I was delighted that these people can watch the game from the stadium. Football belongs to everyone and it does not ...

10:12 | 30.06

0Cesar's Day

If until now the attention of Brazilian media was attracted to Neymar, the situation has changed on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Neymar still remains the main hope for Brazilians, but after the ...

11:58 | 29.06

0Pekerman Is not Afraid of Brazil

Jose Pekerman, head coach of the Colombian national team, is sure his team will beat Brazil in ¼ final of World Cup. He made this statement at the press conference after the match against Uruguay ...

11:22 | 29.06

0Historic Match of James Rodriguez

In 1/8 final of World Cup James Rodriguez of Colombia was named the best player of Colombia-Uruguay match. Rodriguez scored two goals against the opponent. 

11:01 | 29.06

0Tabarez Compared Rodriguez to Maradona, Messi and Suarez

Oscar Tabarez, head coach of the Uruguayan national team, stated James Rodriguez is the best football player of the current World Cup.According to Tabarez, despite young age Rodriguez takes a great responsibility ...

21:01 | 28.06

0Nino from Uruguay

You can see a lots of original fans at the current World Championship in Brazil and before the match of Colombia-Uruguay I saw one of them.After the training of the Colombian national team at “Sao ...

12:16 | 28.06

0Tabarez Protected Suarez and Left His Post in FIFA

Oscar Tabarez, head coach of Uruguay national football team, said at the press conference before the match against Colombia, that Luis Suarez turned into a “whipping-boy” and he is leaving ...

12:08 | 28.06

0Jose Pekerman Avoided Speaking about Suarez's Issue

Oscar Tabarez, head coach of Colombian national team, had refrained from answering a question about the fairness of Luis Suarez prolonged disqualification. Pekerman and Colombia’s goalkeeper David ...

20:37 | 27.06

0Doubles and Krishna Followers

In short, you will encounter so many different people at World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.You will meet doubles of Diego Maradona and Carlos Valderrama at “Maracana” stadium. They will perform technical ...

17:02 | 27.06

0First Pekerman, Then Tabarez Meeting Media

One day before 1/8 final match between Colombia and Uruguay, first the Colombians will hold official press conference at “Maracana” stadium.Jose Pekerman, head coach of the Colombian national ...