FIFA World Cup

14:56 | 15.07

"Copa de Mundo" was Held

I would not be biased if I say that World Championship was held in Brazil. Unfortunately, the time passed quickly. It happens so, you wait for the first forum of World football for 4 years and as Brazilians call “Copa de Mundo” ends in a month.

The fact that the FIFA World Cup was hold in Brazil, speaks for itself. Before its start, there were talks about that the country was not ready for such a big forum. Perhaps, there were small problems in organizing side, but overall it is nothing to compare with those hundreds of thousands of fans, who saw this. Some of the matches beat the record of TV audience of some countries.

20:30 | 13.07

"Maracana" - the World's Football Epicenter

On the final day of World Cup security measures are enhanced near “Maracana”. You have to walk quite a long distance to reach the stadium. Besides journalists, the police let only ticket holders enter the territory. The military police helicopters are patrolling in the sky. It is natural because lots of officials from different countries will attend the final.


17:45 | 23.06

0"One Hand Washes the Other..."

A lot of tourists have arrived in Rio de Janeiro and the locals are trying to benefit from them. “Copacabana” is a favorite place of the tourists. There are some sand constructions on ...

12:14 | 23.06

0"Russia, Go" Failed

Mark Wilmots defeated the Russian national team for the second times at the World Championship. 12 years ago, in a match of principal in Korea-Japan, the Belgian won over Russians 3:2 and center forward ...

01:12 | 23.06

0Eden Hazard: "I Try to Work Better"

Belgian Eden Hazard was named as the best player of Belgium-Russian match, which was held at “Maracana”. The beer company “Budweiser”, one of the official sponsors of the World ...

23:59 | 22.06

0Brazilians Called Russians Shameless and Second Division Team

Fabio Capello, head coach of the Russian national team, said that despite the loss to Belgium (0:1) he is satisfied with the game. He said this at the press conference, hold after the match. - Do ...

00:24 | 22.06

0Fabio Capello: “Maracana” Has a Force of Gravity”

According to Fabio Capello, head coach of the Russian national team, there are some stadiums in the world which have a force of gravity and “Maracana” is one of them. Capello made this statement ...

22:14 | 21.06

0Marc Wilmots: “This Generation Can Write a Good Chapter in the Belgian Football History”

According to Marc Wilmots, this generation of the Belgian football players can write a good chapter in their country’s football history. The Belgian head coach made this statement at the press conference ...

12:29 | 21.06

0"Ushankas" in Rio de Janeiro

A lot of people from various countries have arrived for World Cup and many of them are originally dressed. On June 22 the Russian team faces Belgium at “Maracana” and Russians will appear in ...

12:13 | 21.06

0Argentineans and Chileans Encamped at "Copacabana"

The hotels are “burning” in Rio de Janeiro and the visitors are trying to solve the housing problem by different ways. The Argentineans and Chileans easily solved this problem. They encamped ...

10:47 | 20.06

0Ibrahimovic in the "Favelas"

One day in Rio de Janeiro I travelled to “favelas” inadvertently. I was going home by bus and while it reached the destination I had a two-hour journey. The bus went through almost half Rio ...

17:10 | 19.06

0Commentator Pellegrini Without Comment

On great football forum, current and former coaches and football players often work as commentators for various televisions. The World Championship in Brazil is not an exception. On the day of Argentina-Bosnia ...