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Can Sports in Georgia Profit from Online Casino Sponsorship

Modern sport evolves, and athletes need more funding to improve their training conditions and status. Can sponsorship from Georgian online casinos help?

Can Sports in Georgia Take Positives from Gambling Sites?

Georgia represents a country where fitness and sports skills are highly regarded. Don’t be confused as the country’s history might not seem that rich to you, as Georgia became an independent country in 1991. Before that, they were a part of the Soviet Union, and athletes participated in events under its banner. Nowadays, Georgian sports are evolving and trying to compete at a higher level. But to be competitive in any sport on a global level, athletes need funds and the best conditions possible for training. To find sponsors clubs and individuals go to great lengths, but lately, there are new resources that are available to them – Georgian online casinos.

Which Are the Most Popular Sports in Georgia?

In most countries, the sport is successfully managed by being sponsored by the best gambling sites and the athletes can enjoy much better conditions for development. Sports in Georgia have the potential to reach new heights thanks to some of the best casino sites presented on bestcasinosites.net/georgia. Among the most popular sports in Georgia are football, basketball, rugby union, wrestling, judo, and weightlifting. Georgia online casinos are more than interested in investing in these sports representatives. And every club or individual will gladly take any investment they can get from the top online casino Georgia has to offer.

Football in Georgia

Much like in the rest of the planet, football represents the dominant sport in the country. Dinamo Tbilisi is the most popular and awarded club in the national league, having won the championship 19 times. In the last couple of seasons, their biggest rivals are Dinamo Batumi and Dila Gori. The national team was expected to perform better in the last European Championship qualifications, and they are gearing up for the next Euro in Germany. They are basing their expectations on their biggest names in the squad Giorgi Mamardashvili and of course – Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. They represent the names that are ideal for top casino sites Georgia wants to show to the world.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia’s Popularity and Appeal for Casinos in Georgia

Khvicha is a national treasure right now. An amazing start of the season has propelled this footballer to great heights at the age of just 21. Napoli bought him in May from Dinamo Batumi for 15 million Euros, and in only half a year his value increased four times. The number of goals and assists Khvicha made in Seria A made him the most influential player for Napoli. That sort of success is possible for many new Georgian football players if they get sponsorship from some of the top online casinos Georgia has. In that way, football clubs will have more skilled players when they play in UEFA competitions. And a good display of footballers from Tbilisi, Batumi, and Dila Gori will attract more interest from clubs in better leagues.

Wrestling in Georgia

Wrestling is very important to people in Georgia. It is traditionally connected with the people, and they have great respect for the sport. Their version of the Greco-Roman wrestling style, called Chidaoba gained Unesco status of „Intangible Cultural Heritage“. Even though wrestling is planetary respected, its popularity is not that high. Funding is difficult, and Georgian online casinos can help with that. Their sponsorship can bring more medals in this discipline for the country.

Rugby Union in Georgia

Rugby School in England was the birthplace of rugby union, or simply rugby, a close-contact team game that dates back to the first part of the 19th century. You can recognize this sport when you see huge men sprinting while holding the egg-shaped ball in their hands. The most popular format of a game has two teams of 15 players competing on a pitch. At each end of the pitch are H-shaped goalposts. The Georgian team displayed the best performance in the 2015 Rugby World Cup when they beat Tonga and Namibia in their group. Investments from the top casino site Georgia possesses can further help the development of this discipline. This sport is popular because of Lelo Burti.

Lelo Burti, Georgian National Sport

This national sport is more than 300 years old. It is based on the physical strength of players, who need to take the ball across the field, while the opposing team attempts to stop them. It is a close-contact game, very similar to today’s rugby. By some historians, the game was created as a reenactment of a battle that took place against the Ottoman Empire.

Judo and Weightlifting in Georgia

These two spot disciplines are completing the list of the most popular sports in Georgia. And much like with wrestling, they represent highly respected but also not well-funded sports. They are important for young athletes and as a cultural discipline. Because of that, the sponsorship that comes from any online casino Georgia possesses is much needed to keep them alive.

Georgian Athletes Oppose Legislative Restrictions on Gambling

Athletes are more than aware of all of this. They know the importance of funding that comes from Georgia online casinos. Many of them are gathering and holding press conferences in which they try to explain that many will have to give up on their profession if they lose funding from casinos in Georgia. Nino Odzelashvili, the World and European champion in Sambo, said that the gambling industry supported him and that "Georgian sport would not be able to function without their financial support". Athletes claimed that higher taxes on the companies would prevent them from continuing to sponsor players, which would "place many sports in a tough situation and eliminate development opportunities."


By its definition every sports discipline is competitive. That competitiveness attracts a lot of people that are prepared to invest in talent and create an advantage for those who possess great funding. That may leave many talented athletes behind and prevent them from reaching their full potential. The top online casinos Georgia has at the moment can balance those scales. They can offer sponsorship to those talented people and make their dreams come true. Whatever your thoughts on the world of gambling are, that opportunity can’t be overlooked.

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