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Vladimer Iseladze:" We Have A Lot of Work to Do in Defense"


In Group A of European Water Polo Championship qualifying tournament 2014 Georgia gained 10 points and took first place.

 In the last round Czech was the rival of Georgia, which lost all three matches. Accordingly, the hosts were considered the clear favorites.

As expected, the meeting began by storm.  The first goal was scored at the 28-second second after a precise throw Galaktion Laitadze. For 1.32 minutes before the end of the first quarter Alexandra Rusishvili increased account before, but at the end of the period, the guests were able to score one goal and the period ended  6: 1.

The second period was the same scenario, with the only difference that the Georgians had scored one less goal-11: 2. The third period was equal to and ended in a draw-1: 1, and četverty the hosts won with a similar 3-2: the game, finishing with a difference of 11 balls-16: 5.

Before the game meeting between Slovak and UK visitors each year, which was a welcome result for Georgia-5: 5. The Slovaks, who were considered the main tournament favorites, lost points and if before this tour they were ahead on goal difference, hosts end up settling for only second place.

 In the last round of Poland had a rest. Final standings in Group A is as follows:


Georgia               4 1 3 0 10

Slovakia              4 2 0 2 8

United Kingdom 4 2 1 1 7

Poland                4 1 3 0 3

Czech Republic  4 0 0 4 0

We remind that the European Championship qualifying tournament in 2014, the 17 participating teams who will carry out this tournament in three stages. The 6 best teams of this tournament with teams at the continent's last championship 7th-12th place (Spain, Romania, Croatia, Holland, Macedonia and Turkey), will play in one round 6 playoff tickets for the final round.

About this tournament,  Federation Secretary General spoke of water sports with Georgia, Irakli Bartaia, Georgia and head coach of water polo team,a famous water-polo player Vladimir Iselidze talked to “World Sport”.

 Irakli Bartaia:

-When will be held the games in groups B and C?

-As the band A hit five teams in groups B and C was on 6 teams. Command group (Denmark, Malta, Russia, Portugal, Israel and Bulgaria) will play in Denmark and the competition they also will complete today. With regard to the commands of the Group B (France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova), they had to play in Switzerland in may, however, for various reasons, the tournament did not take place there. It is still unknown where and when the group games will be played.

-When will be held the remaining two stages?

-The second stage will be held in July, and the third in November. With regard to the composition of groups A, B and C phase 2, they will be known after the games finish in Group b.

After these three stages of the 6 best teams will meet with teams at the continent's last championship 7th-12th places (7-8, Spain-Romania, Croatia, 9-10-11, Holland-Macedonia-Turkey, 12).

As for commands, I-VI place winners (1-2, Serbia-Montenegro, Hungary, 3-4-5-Italy, Germany, Greece-6), they will be directly admitted to the final stage of the European Championship in 2014.

-Who do you think is the strongest rival of our team at the qualifying stage?

-It will be difficult to beat the teams of Russia and Slovenia. It will be nice if the whole third place and avoid encounters with Spain, Romania and Croatia.

- Are you satisfied with playing by our national team?

-Considering that the new management (Vladimir Iselidze and his Assistant Professor Jovan Popović) have been for only three months with the team, we are pleased with their work.

Vladimir Iselidze:

-After the second round of our national team these following players Marko Jelaca Elezi and his namesake

were not playing..

-We would have won the remaining meeting without them and, because they had to spend in their clubs are very important matches, we released them.

-Although we won first place, but played poorly on defense and allowed 25 balls ...

-Agree on defense we have a lot of work. Apart from the British game, which we won 12: 3, in other games I was left dissatisfied with the actions of our defense.

-Do you think if we can win a ticket to the final stage of the European Championship the year 2014?

-I cannot say beforehand, and while we face difficult battles, we will do our best everything to win a ticket to the final round.

 Roland Labuchidze