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Sandro Bazadze Is European Champion

Sandro Bazadze is the first Georgian fencer who won European Youth Championship. The 19-year-old sportsman wrote a new page in history of Georgian fencing at European Championship which is underway in the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

Bazadze won five from six fights. He beat Italian Alesandro Ricardo 5:4, Bulgarian Pancho Pashkov, Danish Sebastian Bringstrup, Azerbaijani Sabir Zeynalov and Polish Jakub Ochunsk 5:2. The Georgian lost to Belarusian Anton Davidenka 3:5. Then, he competed in playoff and gained five wins.

In 1/16 final Bazadze defeated Hungarian Martin Zinger (15:7), in 1/8 final he won over Belarusian Sergey Kisel (15:4), in ¼ final – Russian Vyacheslav Iskandarov (15:10), in semifinal – Russian Kamil Ibrahimov (15:10). Ibrahimov is world champion.

In final Sandro Bazadze was losing to Ukrainian Konstantin Voronov 10:12 when the Georgian protested doubtful decision of the referee and received yellow card. Soon the Ukrainian advanced 14:11 but Bazadze gained 4 points in a row. He won 15:14 and gained gold medal.

Yesterday other two members of the Georgian youth team competed in European Championship. Mikheil Mardaleishvili gained four wins but in 1/16 final he lost to German Ruven Redvanz. In playoff Saba Sulamanidze lost to German Maximilian Kindler.

Today European Team Championship will take place in Budapest.

Otar Maglakelidze