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Manuchar Machaidze - Football Knight, Master, Lucky Captain

Manuchar Machaidze’s game period was really “golden era” for “Dinamo” Tbilisi. Not to say anything about silver and bronze medals gained at the Union Championships, in 1976-79 the team won Championship and Cup twice. In that period “Dinamo” was distinguished by its stable play and Manuchar Machaidze made a great contribution in this.

Among famous captains of the team Mr. Manuchar is the only person who received honorary prize after ending Union Cup finals. Unfortunately, Shota Shavgulidze, Boris Paichadze, Avtandil Gogoberidze, Shota Iamanidze, Slava Metreveli, Murtaz Khurtsilava and Aleksandre Chivadze have not taken such honor.

During several seasons in a row Manuchar Machaidze played without substitution and did a huge work in every match. After his retire, “Dinamo” encountered difficulties in connection with stable play. If, in 1979, the team lost very few matches, next season they lost much more matches.

Machaidze hold 506 meetings in the Union Championship matches and his football talent did not remain unnoticed to foreign club’s scouts.

At the time, several Spanish clubs (“Inter” Milan, “Benfica” Lisbon, “Manchester City”, “Arsenal”) offered him to sign an official contract with them, and also the Georgian made so good impression on Bob Paisley, legendary head coach of “Liverpool”,  that he was ready to pay the largest transfer money, 5 million pounds. The salary of Manuchar was 200 rubles … but the compensation of this was the universal love and respect from fans.

During his long career, Manuchar Machaidze considers Union Cup final meeting in 1979 and matches against “Liverpool”, “Hamburg” and “Boca Juniors” as the most memorable meetings.

In 1980 “Dinamo” Tbilisi organized a tour in Argentina. Especially important meeting was against “Boca Juniors”. The team of Buenos Aires is one of the most titled and distinguished teams in whole planet. Manuchar and his partners did not let anything to the Argentinian Grand and were winning 1:0 almost during the whole match, but finally the hosts managed to score a responsive goal.

Today, “Lider-Bet” hosted the meeting for the first star of the Georgian football, knight of sport Manuchar Machaidze. The journalists and partners of Machaidze reminded his football way and expressed their appreciation for that joy and pleasure, which he gave them during many years. The speakers congratulated Manuchar Machaidze the 65th anniversary and wished him health and success in the future.

Gocha Kacharava