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The President of IOC Congratulates Jansug Bagrationi his 75th Anniversary


Jansug  Bagrationi  a well-known handball player in the past, twice champion of the USSR and three times silver and bronze prize winners, head of the Department of physical education of Polytechnic Institute, Sport Committee President Tbilisi, Deputy Head of the State Department of Sport, President of the National Olympic Committee and now the Honorable President, honored master of sports of the USSR, honored coach, to the gentleman of Vakhtang Gorgasali second class of the order of honour and order, IOC turned 75.

The Georgian National Olympic Committee congratulates Mr Bagrationi and wishes him health and long life. There is congratulations from the President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge.

 The 75 anniversary Djansug Bagrationi

 Dear Sir, Jansug

Allow me, on behalf of the Olympic Movement to convey good wishes on your 75th anniversary.

Know that you have devoted to the sport a decade of your life as an athlete and a sports figure. After your successful career you became a coach and you have worked on very important positions, occupying leading positions in the governing bodies of Georgian sport-posts of Vice-President of the Sports Department of State and the Deputy Minister of sport and tourism.

You are one of the founding members of the Georgian National Olympic Committee, was his Vice President, then President and now you are the Honorary President.

Your enthusiasm and devoted service to the sport you have lent important values to the Georgian sports and have made a special contribution to the promotion of the ideals of Olympism, strengthening friendship and respect to each other.

The Olympic Movement is grateful for your significant contribution to the history of sport and Olympism in General, for your successful activities in the development of the Olympic movement and Ministry for the benefit of the whole society and especially the youth.

Dear Mr. Bagrationi, I want to express my sincere thanks for this contribution and wish you a happy 75th anniversary.

Jacques Rogge

President of the International Olympic Committee