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"Dinamo" Presented New Players

Football club “Dinamo” Tbilisi presented new players in the press conference hall of “Dinamo Arena”.

Malkhaz Zhvania, head coach of “Dinamo”, and sports manager Irakli Vashakidze made comments.

Malkhaz Zhvania: “The team started preparing on January 15. We will finish the first stage tomorrow. On January 27 we will depart for Antalya where we have planned five test matches. On January 11 we will return to Tbilisi”.

Irakli Vashakidze: “Thank you that you are interested in “Dinamo”. First of all, we have gathered here to present our new players who are one of the bests in Georgia”.

After that, they and one of the members of fan club “Gladiators” gave t-shirts to the new players. 29-year-old forward Irakli Modebadze will wear No.8, 24-year-old midfielder Giorgi Janelidze – No.9, 25-year-old midfielder Tornike Gorgiashvili – No.7, 25-year-old central defender Giorgi Khidesheli – No.5, 19-year-old midfielder Mate Tsintsadze – No.6 and 24-year-old goalkeeper Nika Daushvili – No.89.

Zhvania and Vashakidze answered the question of the journalists.

- There is information that Merebashvili is practicing in “Dinamo”. Do you go on strengthening the team?

Zhvania: Merebashvili is practicing in “Dinamo”. He has a contract with “Dinamo”. We are looking for the football players to strengthen some positions. Perhaps, we will add them in Antalya.

- Foreigners or Georgians?

Zhvania: Foreigners.

- Was sending Jaba Dvali to “Karabakh” on loan desire of the football player or the new head coach? Are the Azerbaijanis going to buy Dvali?

Vashakidze: Dvali had offer from “Karabakh” last summer. Unfortunately, he could not go because we were playing at Champions League and did not have his substitute. Now we added some players and can substitute him. Dvali will play for “Karabakh” on loan till June. The Azerbaijanis will pay him salary.

- There was news “Dinamo” wanted to add Sabanadze and Gongadze. However, these football players went to other clubs.

Zhvania: Sabanadze is a perspective football player. We have not offered them anything.

Vashakidze: One of the representatives of “Torpedo” offered us Sabanadze in November. We discussed this issue with the coach and denied this offer. “Torpedo” offered us Sabanadze in exchange for Lasha Parunashvili.

- Where will Parunashvili, Tvildiani, Kvekveskiri and Jigauri play?

- Parunashvili will play for “Spartaki” Tskhinvali on loan. We sent Tvildiani on loan to “Metalurgi” Rustavi and Jigauri – to “Chikhura” Sachkhere. Kvekveskiri practices in “Dinamo 2”.

- Will Spaniard Ustaritz and Macedonian Glisic stay in the club?

Zhvania: Ustaritz is a tough issue. He was not examined and is often injured. We will not make such mistakes in the future. Ustaritz has contract but cannot help us. Glisic practices with the club and his issue will be decided in the next few days. Perhaps, in Antalya.

Vashakidze: Ustaritz got injured at the first practice this year. He will not be able to help us one month and half or two months. He will not go to Antalya with the team.

- What can you say about the perspective of Vouho in “Dinamo”?

Zhvania: We believe in him.

- In the first half of the championship “Dinamo” had problems in the middle line. Have you solve this problem by adding new players?

Zhvania: We added new players and solved this problem?

- Giorgi Kvilitaia is quite perspective football player who is tested here-there. Have not “Dinamo” had a desire to buy him?

Zhvania: It is a problem of the Georgian football players that they are tested here-there. We were interested in this player but could not achieve the agreement.

- Have you added football players from “Dinamo 2” or the reserve team?

Zhvania: We added Lobzhanidze, Kakabadze, Shergelashvili and Diasamidze.

- Will Merebashvili and Grigalashvili depart for Antalya?

Zhvania: Merebashvili will depart for Antalya. Grigalashvili is one of the best football players in Georgia and we always respected him. However, there is a moment when you must decide what you want. When football player has not decided it, he must find other way. I am always ready to collaborate with Grigalashvili.

Irakli Modebadze also made comment:

“I want to thank everybody for such greeting. There are all conditions for success in “Dinamo”. Hopefully the same conditions will be in other clubs as well”.

“Dinamo” will prepare in Antalya from January 27 to February 11 and will hold 5 test matches. 4 opponents are already known: “Podbeskidzie” of Poland (January 28), “Hajduk” of Croatia (January 31), “Mlada Boleslav” (February 3), “Chornomorets” of Ukraine (February 6). The fifth opponent will be found out later.


Lasha Tabagari

Chikhura   1 - 2    Torpedo Kutaisi

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Din. Tbilisi   0 - 1    FC Metalurgi Rustavi

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Baia   2 - 0    Lanchkhuti

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Sioni Bolnisi   0 - 1    Zestafoni

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WIT Georgia Tbilisi   2 - 1    Tskhinvali

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