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Ketsbaia Will Resign in Case of Losing to Poland

Temur Ketsbaia, head coach of the Georgian national football team, stated at the press conference that if the national team loses to Poland in Euro 2016 qualifying match, he will resign.

Temur Ketsbaia: “Of course, it is a very important match. Many thought Germany would be No.1 favorite but after 3 matches it is only one point ahead of us. Poland is a very good team.

- After the match against Ireland you stated you would think about resignation in case of negative balance with Scotland and Gibraltar. Was it a positive balance? The Greek press wrote you will make a decision after the match against Poland…

- I am always thinking about this issue. Before the qualifying round we stated we wanted to go through to the final stage. It is a tough task. As for the resignation, if we do not have a positive balance with Poland, I will resign.

- What do you mean in positive balance?

- In case of failure, I will leave the national team.

- You have played for the national team against Poland. Do you compare the previous team of Poland to the current one?

- I cannot say Poland had a bad team but they say the current team is one of the best. The match against Germany proved it.

- There are lots of players who have not played for the national team …

- Unfortunately, players who have not playing practice play better than them. We choose players by positions. We need defender and I do not think there is anyone better than the called up one.

- Have you talked to Okriashvili?

- I have looked for him but could not find him. I talked to his friends. Okriashvili will play in the reserve team and he will arrive tomorrow.

- How do you estimate his behavior?

- Everybody has been saying Ketsbaia is crazy. Is Ketsbaia in those foreign clubs too?

After that journalist Magda Kldiashvili and Temur Ketsbaia had an argument. The journalist asked Ketsbaia why he called up Akaki Khubutia (no club) and Levan Kakubava for the national team. Kakubava transferred to Cyprus this summer and whether Ketsbaia is going to sell Khubutia. Whether he encouraged Tornike Okriashvili who smoked Ketsbaia’s assistant in his face and at this time Jaba Dvali is not called up for the national team. The head coach responded the following: “I am calling up the bests for the national team and you are attending the press conference to make some provocation. The Georgian football is in such situation because of you. You do not know football, what I sold, who I sold. Okriashvili is a bright spot in our football. Is Dvali better than Chanturia, Gelashvili or Mchedlidze? He was fired wherever he went. I have seen you in the stadium and I know how you behaved.

- Will Nika Chanturia, Tevzadze and Tabidze have chance to show themselves in the national team?

- You know what is the problem? If you do not understand that player playing abroad is better than one in Georgia, then you know nothing about football. The Georgian football has died, why are we better than Gibraltar? People have not received salaries 5 months. If Khubutia wanted to play at the Georgian Championship, he would be the best.

- How must we play Poland?

- If I had the national team’s boys in club, we would play at Champions League every year. Do not think you want victory more than us.

After the press conference the national team practiced in “Dinamo Arena”. Besides Okriashvili, the team lacked Nika Dzalamidze, Roin Kvaskhvadze, Jaba Kankava and Levan Mchedlidze. They will join the team on Tuesday.