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Failure of Another Highest-paid Coach Project

For the first time in history of the Georgia national football team head coach stated he would resign after match in any case of result. Temur Ketsbaia went with anti-record because the Georgians have never lost with 4 goals before. Another highest-paid coach project has failed. No one can blame Ketsbaia that he is not patriot but when you say you left everything and arrived here, you must add that you had 2121360 GEL salaries every year.

As it was said Ketsbaia paid salary to Greek fitness coach and he also paid expenses while being abroad. Anyway, this amount of money is huge. Ketsbaia received the abovementioned salary until 2014 and when the Ministry of Sport refused to pay it, the Football Federation undertook this mission but reduced 30 per cent of the salary.

In Euro 2012 Qualification the team of Ketsbaia took the 5th place among 6 teams and was behind Latvia. In World 2014 Qualification the Georgians took the 4th place among 5 teams and was behind Finland. In the current qualification the Georgians seem to win over only Gibraltar. The Georgia national team is in the 117th place in FIFA ranking.

Finally, Ketsbaia behaved like man who has nothing to lose and said everything he wanted to say during all these years.

Ketsbaia shares his part of responsibility but people who brought him in Georgia and appointed him high salary are to blame. Ketsbaia was not the first. Klaus Toppmoller received 83000 EUR monthly and Hector Raul Cuper – 350000 GEL.

Some even claimed the government did right by bringing highest-paid coach but the facts prove opposite. It is easy to calculate how many millions were spent on coaches when there is not a stadium in Batumi, stadium needs renovation in Poti, stadium in Ganmukhuri is useless, “Spartaki” Tskhinvali does not have a stadium, “Sioni” is not able to play in Bolnisi and so on.

The new coach is not known but who may not be the match against Gibraltar showed us that making through to the final stage of World Cup and European Championship is utopia.