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Geno Petriashvili Is Disqualified

There is a new scandal in the Georgian wrestling. Freestyle wrestler, European and world bronze medal winner Geno Petriashvili failed drug test and received a 6-month disqualification.

The Georgian athlete took drug test in August, after winning gold medal at Junior World Championship in Zagreb. Preductal was found in his blood.

Preductal is not a heavy drug and has no influence on sports result. However, it is forbidden to use this drug on the wrestling day.

The Georgian team arrived in Croatia without doctor and perhaps, it is one of the reasons of Petriashvili’s mistake.

Petriashvili takes this drug regularly in recent years since he has been kidnapped by Ossetian criminals at the school age. The criminals demanded ransom from his family.

The Georgian Wrestling Federation sent FILA the documents to prove this fact. The Disciplinary Committee took this fact into account. Otherwise, the Georgian sportsman would have received a 2-year disqualification.

The sanction came into force since September.