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Gunter Jacob: “Okri is Ashamed and Feels Guilty”

“Okri” is embarrassed and feels guilty”, - Gunter Jacob, sporting director of “Genk”, said in the conversation with internet portal as you know, Jacob was in Tbilisi last week and saw Okriashvili.

Attacking midfielder of Georgian national team, will leave for Belgium on Wednesday or Thursday with his mother, brother, wife and children.

“In Georgia I saw a player who feels ashamed and guilty. The fact, that I arrived in Tbilisi to see him, was a very important signal for the Georgian. The last months spent in Genk, turned to be difficult for him. He was there without his family. Now his family will be in Genk and he still sees light at the end of the tunnel” – said Jacob, who believes that “Okri” continues to follow the path of truth.

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