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Jess Thorup: "Giorgi Chakvetadze Was Our "Golden Boy"

Belgian “Gent” head coach Jess Thorup has spoken about Giorgi Chakvetadze and said that he is equal to the transfer of a new player for his team. “Gent” prepared for the second half of the season in Spain, where they played one sparring against “Ingolstadt” and won 3:2. In this game Giorgi Kvilitaia scored a double and Chakvetadze played the second half.

Thorup made a comment about Giorgi during the evaluation of the preparatory period:

“We have seen that Jonathan David and Giorgi Chakvetadze can play together. I also told them that they can play together, both with and without the ball. Chakvetadze is still not in his best condition, but he showed his courage, he did not have a few weeks ago. A year and a half ago, Giorgi was our “golden boy”, but missed a lot of time. his return is good for us, as if we bought a new player”, - said Thorup.

Recall that Giorgi Chakvetadze returned to the field last month and had three meetings so far.