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Gia Tsetsadze: "I Congratulate to Everyone Who Is Happy that Samtredia Lost"

Gia Tsetsadze, head coach of Samtredia, held a press conference after losing 0:1 to Qarabag. According to the Georgian specialist, the opponent won deservedly.

“I am not satisfied with today’s match. First of all, I want to congratulate those people who are happy that we lost. Unfortunately, there are such people in Georgia. When you lose 0:6, there is nothing to say. We were not ready to beat Qarabag.

I would say that the both teams practiced well today. Unfortunately, it happened because we lost the first leg 0:5.

When there will be financially strong clubs in Georgia, they will achieve success. If we could afford the Georgian players who play abroad, we would have overcome this obstacle. All Georgian clubs are in same situation. Of course, Qarabag did not win only because of finances. This team has a very good coach and players.

There is nothing permanent in football. Today Azerbaijani football has progress and time will come and we will win”, - Tsetsadze stated.

The head coach of Samtredia was not friendly to the guest journalists and did not want to answer their questions. For example, to the question why the Georgian football is in such crisis, the Georgian coach answered the following:

“I congratulate you on this victory. We will do our job. It would be better if you ask more clever questions”.

Samtredia fell 0:6 to Qarabag and finished participating in Champions League.