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Gurban Gurbanov: "I Did not Want to Beat Samtredia with Such Score"

Gurban Gurbanov, head coach of Qarabag, held a pre-match press conference. The Azerbaijani specialist is expecting a tough match against Samtredia. According to him, Samtredia did not deserve such failure in the first leg.

“I am very happy to be here. It is a great honor to be in this stadium because it has a big football history. I saw the stadium’s photo in the gallery and it shows how many great players have played here.

As for the match, despite winning with a big score in Baku, we have prepared quite seriously for tomorrow’s match. It will be a quite tough match. I think this match will be more aggressive than the previous one. I noted in Baku that Samtredia does not like failure. The players of Samtredia became more aggressive after each goal. Tomorrow we will try to play a good game. I wish a good luck to Samtredia.

Sometimes it happens in football – you lose with a big score but do not deserve it. To tell the truth, I did not want to beat Samtredia with such score. I want to note that Azerbaijan and Georgia always have friendly relationship. During the Soviet Union, we held quite good matches against Dinamo Tbilisi. We do not know what will happen in tomorrow’s match but if we compare the national championships of these two countries, a lot of changes have happened in Georgia, especially financially. We have also faced such facts. There are some clubs in Azerbaijan, which are at lower level now than five years ago. Georgia has many legionaries and is looking for a new system. Today there are two clubs in Azerbaijan – Qarabag and Gabala – which are in good condition.

My team many defects but I do not want to name them. We lack team play and we are working on it. We are trying to play offensive football.

Qarabag is an Azerbaijani club and I will do everything to represent our country well. It is one of my obligations”, - Gurbanov stated.

Samtredia and Qarabag will play on July 18 at Dinamo Arena in Tbilisi. The match will start at 21:00. Qarabag won the first leg 5:0 in Baku.