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Levan Kenia: "Weiss Makes Accent on Quick Offence"

Levan Kenia does not play regularly in Czech Republic. Sometimes he is in lineup and sometimes he is a substitute. However, Kenia is an appreciated player in Czech Republic and has a good press.

Levan may join the Georgian national team at the end of May. The team will hold three friendly matches. interviewed Kenia:

- What can you say about your recent game in “Slavia”?

- We have two matches left and we will try to make through to European tournaments. We are in the fifth place and hopefully, we will do it.

- მწვრთნელი დუშან უჰრინი რამდენად კმაყოფილია შენით?

- Is coach Dusan Uhrin satisfied with your game?

- Yes, he is.

- Are you going to change the club?

- I do not know yet.

- What about your physical condition?

- I am in a good shape. I am able to play 90 minutes.

- What do you expect from Vladimir Weiss (coach of the Georgian national team)?

- I expect to be given a chance and I will try to use it.

- What is the most obvious difference between Kakha Tskhadadze and Vladimir Weiss?

- The difference is in tactics. Tskhadadze demanded ball control and Weiss makes accent on quick offence.