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Error-Free Revishvili, Gladiator Kankava and Distinctive Kazaishvili

The Georgian national team completed the European Qualifying stage 2016 by losing to Germany. However, the fans were satisfied with this defeat more than with the victory.

The fact that Kakha Tskhadadze is a great leader of the team was clear, but this was even more evident at the “Red Bull Arena” in Leipzig.

Nukri Revishvili 9 – he is not stable, but when he has constant playing practice he can be trusted. He has not played in three matches of “Mordovia”, because the team did not forgive him 6 missed goals of CSKA. However, this had not affected on the Georgian goalkeeper. In the first round, he had 10 saves and 17(!) in the match. It would be good if the coaching staff of “Mordovia” will see this match…

Ucha Lobzhanidze 5.5 – we have not seen anything new from Lobzhanidze. We can safely say that he is one of the weakest points in today’s match. Ucha made 28 assists and 18 turned out to be exact.

Solomon Kvirkvelia 6.5 – the leader of our team’s defense line did not hold a bad game. He made 21 assists and 19 turned out to be exact.

Aleksandre Amisulashvili 7 – overcall the experienced defender held another convincing game.

Guram Kashia 6.5 – the accuracy of assists was low. Judge for yourself, he made 15 exact assists of 25.

Giorgi Navalovski 6.5 – navalovski was fighting for every section of the field. He had 28 exact assists of 33.

Jaba Kankava 8.5 – Gladiator! Nowadays, Kankava is a key player of our team. He scored an amazing goal. The Georgian violated the game rule three times. He had 28 exact assists of 30.

Nika Kvekveskiri 7.5 – he played the second match for the national team. He played perfectly against Gibraltar and performed the great goals assists. The great play of Kvekveskiri was followed Kankava’s goal. He was replaced at the end of the match. He had 23 exact assists of 28.

Tornike Okriashvili 7 – his main drawback perhaps is physical training, which is remedial. Overall, Okriashvili showed high-level match and proved once again that he has great potential.

Valeri Kazaishvili 8.5 – Kazaishvili can play in the top league with no doubt. He assured the whole world in it. He kicked twice towards the goal post. By this play, Kazaishvili raised his transfer value…

Nikoloz Gelashvili 5 – Tskhadadze made sudden decision and preferred Gelashvili to Vatsadze. During the time he was on the field, his efficiency was very low. It is difficult to say, whether the head coach trusts him in the future.

Mate Vatsadze 6 – Vatsadze joined the match at the 46th minute. In one episode, he almost scored. Then kicked from the distance, but weakly.

Zurab Khizanishvili w.e – Tskhadadze trusted the experienced Georgian player only for 13 minutes and it is difficult to estimate his play. However, his appearance on the field and the missed goal was the only.

Sandro Kobakhidze w.e – Kobakhidze showed up at the 90th minute and played only 3 minutes, added by the referee.

Kakha Tskhadadze 8 – the team shows better football under his leadership. The control on the ball, the desire of keeping the ball and sensible combinations is much more. Tskhadadze did not sit down during the match and was constantly giving the players orders.