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Mikautadze Is in Lineup of "The Barbarians"

Konstantine Mikautadze, rugby player of the Georgia national team and “Toulonnais”, who is called up for “The Barbarians” will play in lineup against Ireland.

The 23-year-old rugby player who will turn 24 on July 1 will be paired with Rodrigo Capo Ortega, Uruguayan rugby player of “Castres”. The match will be held on May 28.

“The Barbarians” – it is the ancient and historical team formed in 1890. They play world’s leading teams once or twice a year. It is a great honor for any player to play for “The Barbarians”. On May 28 “The Barbarians” will face Ireland and on May 31 they will play England.

In 2006 “The Barbarians” visited Georgia and played the Georgia national team at “Mikheil Meskhi”. The guests won 28:19 but they were impressed with the Georgian rugby players and stated they would invite the Georgians to their team. Davit Kubriashvili is the first Georgian who played in “The Barbarians”. After World Cup 2011, Davit Kacharava and Goderdzi Shvelidze also played in “The Barbarians”. In 2012 “The Barbarians” called up Mamuka Gorgodze.

In 2013 Kubriashvili and Gorgodze were to play in the world’s nonofficial team but they could not arrive at the meeting. Davit Zirakashvili and Mikheil Nariashvili were called up last year but they could not play for some reasons. Gorgodze and Kubriashvili played in “The Barbarians” last year and Mamuka scored a try. Yet, it is the only Georgian try in “The Barbarians”.

So, Mikautadze is the fifth Georgian who will play in “The Barbarians”. Kote plays for “Toulonnais” since 2010.