17:20 | 25.09

Maia Chiburdanidze: "Our Women's Team Can Win Olympiad"

Before the fourth round of Chess Olympiad talked to world champion Maia Chiburdanidze.

16:44 | 18.01

Vladimir Weiss: "Hopefully, We Will Find New Players Who Will Help the National Team"

Vladimir Weiss, head coach of the Georgia national team, met journalists before leaving for Dubai and talked about friendly matches. According to the Slovak specialist, the goal of the meeting is to find new players for the national team.


20:41 | 01.12

0Manuchar Kvirkvelia: "More than 50 per cent of the Wrestling Family Supports Me"

After the dismissal of Luka Kurtanidze from the presidential post of the Georgian Wrestling Federation, European, world and Olympic champion Manuchar Kvirkvelia wants to become president. “World Sport” ...

21:25 | 24.11

0Disturbances in the Georgian Wrestling

Presidium of the Georgian Wrestling Federation’s Supervisory Board gathered on November 24. 24 from 37 members showed up at the meeting. The presence of 25 members was needed for legitimacy. Veteran wrestler ...

13:47 | 11.11

0Merebashvili is Happy Be Back to the National Team

After a three-year pause, Giorgi Merebashvili returned to the national team, said in the conversation with “worlds sport” that if he has a chance to play against Poland, he will do his maximum.

12:55 | 27.10

0Tony Parker: “First Time I Played with Pachulia and Tskitishvili at the Age of 14”

Tony Parker, playmaker of “San Antonio”, is the world’s best first number. It sounds subjectively, because according to statistics, Chris Paul is the most effective, but in the decisive moment Parker performs ...

12:53 | 23.10

0Interview with Argentine Magician

Being Emanuel Ginobilli is very difficult and easy at the same time. The Argentine do everything elegantly. Ginobilli was a magician in Italy. Ginobili is outstanding in “San Antonio” and Gregg Popovich ...

13:45 | 22.10

0Outstanding Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich was named the best coach of the season three times (2003, 2012, 2014). Gregg won NBA with “San Antonio” five times. Gregg and Tim Duncan are always winning a lot of games in the regular ...

20:04 | 20.10

0Giorgi Merebashvili: "Dinamo" Was and Will Always Be My Family"

Georgian football player Giorgi Merebashvili has played for “Dinamo” Tbilisi for many years. Now he plays for OFI of Greece with Giorgi Loria. Merebashvili scored goal in his debut match against “Panathinaikos”. ...

21:13 | 04.10

15Luka Kurtanidze: “I Forgive Insult to Everyone and Offer to Work Together for a Common Job”

In recent days, the events that happened in the Georgian Wrestling Federation overwhelmed almost every sporting event in Georgia. The divergence was caused due to the dismiss of the coaching staff of freestyle ...

14:55 | 16.09

0Giorgi Merebashvili: "I Am Officially a Player of OFI"

Giorgi Merebashvili, former football player of “Dinamo” Tbilisi, will continue his career in Greek club OFI. The Georgian player confirmed this information to “World Sport”. The ...

17:30 | 14.09

0The Israeli News of Kirkitadze

Davit Kirkitadze, former football players of the Georgian youth football team, signed contract with “Iron Tiberias” of Israel during summer transfer window. Kirkitadze spent the first half ...