20:24 | 22.01

Levan Mchedlidze - Winning Goal Again! (+VIDEO)

Levan Mchedlidze scored a goal against Udinese in the 21st round of Italian Serie A. Levan’s goal was the only goal of the match.

20:36 | 19.12

Levan Mchedlidze on the Team of the Week

Levan Mchedlidze, Georgian forward of Italian Empoli, is on the team of the week of Serie A by the version of “Cagliani” has the worst defense in Europe but we must respect Levan Mchedlidze’s game and brace. The second goal was brilliant”, - the internet portal reports.


14:19 | 17.06

2Levan Mchedlidze - The Most Effective Player of Serie A

Levan Mchedlidze, player of “Empoli” Italy, was the most effective player of the last year’s serie A. The statistical data indicates it. Mchedlidze scored 0.75 goals from each ball. None of the players ...

15:23 | 27.04

0Mchedlidze: "Yesterday I felt Bad, Worse Things Happened Today"

Levan Mchedlidze, Georgian striker of Italy’s “Empoli”, commented on the decision of the Disciplinary Committee about his 3-match disqualification. Mchedlidze noted he could not explain why he was punished ...

14:05 | 13.11

0Mchedlidze Was Back for a Day and Is Injured Again

Levan Mchedlidze, Georgian forward of Italy’s “Empoli”, is injured again. According to internet portal, the 25-year-old football player has a left thigh inflammation. Levan will not be ...

14:11 | 10.11

0Double of Chanturia in Italy

19-year-old Georgian forward Roman Chanturia scored a double in the away match against “Crotone” (Italian Primavera, C group, VIII round). Chanturia opened the score at the 3rd minute and at the 59th minute ...