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03:10 | 23.09

Giorgi Shermadini's Debut in "Unicaja"

Georgian basketball team center Giorgi Shermadini held the first match for “Unicaja”. The Georgian earned 3 points and 5 rebounds. He also scored 1 2 points of 2 and 1 free throw of 2. His team lost to “Valencia” 78:83.

01:55 | 23.09

Giorgi Tsintsadze will Continue His Career in Romania

Georgian national team member Giorgi Tsintsadze will continue his career in Romania. According to, 31-year-old player will spend the upcoming season in “Politechnica” Iasi.

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11:31 | 24.09

0 Duda Sanadze and Pistoia: Problems Are Left behind

Duda Sanadze, player of the Georgian national basketball team, will sign contract with Pistoia. According to the Italian media, the Georgian basketball player passed medical examination successfully and ...

17:41 | 22.09

0 Zaza Pachulia's Dream Shake (VIDEO)

12:56 | 21.09

0 Goga Bitadze's 12 Points

Georgian basketball team member Goga Bitadze held the first match for “Mega Leks”. His team won over “Igokea” 83:72.

10:48 | 09.09

0 Mike Dixon - Thank You!

After the match against Italy Mike Dixon came in with the head coach Ilias Zouros. The last game of the national team at the group stage of European Championship has ended and Dixon, we and Zouros are ...

16:57 | 08.09

0 EuroBasket 2017: Pachulia - the Third and Shengelia - the Sixth by Rebounds

The best basketball players of EuroBasket 2017 were revealed after the end of the group phase.

10:49 | 07.09

0 Zaza Pachulia: "Goodbye My Team and Fans, the Time Has Come for the Captain to Go!"

Zaza Pachulia, captain of Georgian national basketball team, published information about completion his team career on his facebook page and thanked fans for their support.

03:01 | 07.09

0 Zaza Pachulia Ended Up Team Career

Zaza Pachulia completed his team career. Journalist David Pick spread this information on his twitter. “It seems like this is the end. I have spent a perfect decade in the national team. I have a lot ...

22:32 | 06.09

0 Dramatic Failure against Italy

Israel must win, the whole Georgia must support Israel today – Georgia lost to Italy and has a little chance to make through to playoffs.

15:50 | 06.09

0 Manuchar Markoishvili: "Our Main Goal Is to Stop Belinelli"

Manuchar Markoishvili, one of the leaders of the Georgian national basketball team, summarized victory over Israel (104:91) and talked about the upcoming game against Italy.

10:30 | 06.09

0 Georgia Is Back in the Game: 1/8 Final Is Close (+VIDEO)

The Georgian national basketball team celebrated the second victory at EuroBasket and has a real chance to play in 1/8 final. The team of Ilias Zouros will say goodbye to EuroBasket only in this case: ...

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