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Tornike Tarkhnishvili: "A Lot of Fantasy and Nonstandard Decisions Are Necessary"

Tornike Tarkhnishvili, midfielder of Latvian “Ventspils”, stated in an interview with the official website of the club that he needs more creativity on the field.

- You celebrated the first match at the championship with goal…

- It is very good to score goal in the first match. The most important is that “Ventspils” won the match. Our team won and I scored.

- You scored goal like Georgia – technically. Everybody watched it and was pleased. How did you remember this episode?

- Edik Sukhanov gave me a perfect assist. Such assists are made in England and Spain.

- What is your impression after the first match?

- I am sure “Ventspils” deservedly won this match. We wanted to win at the start. We played well, controlled the ball and had many goal moments. We could have done more. I think, the football players carried out all instructions of the coach. Of course, it was not ideal but in my opinion, we played well.

- You played well but it is not what you can do. Am I wrong?

- No, it is true. I must distinguish myself at each practice. I must do my best not for myself but for the team. It is important.

- At the press conference Jurgis Pucinsks, head coach of the team, mentioned he expects more creativity from you…

- It is right. I play on such position which demands more creativity. A lot of fantasy and nonstandard decisions are necessary. It is important for our forwards. I must work on it.

- How did you like atmosphere on tribunes in two home matches?

- I liked it a lot. I think the atmosphere will be better on the main stadium. Well done, fans.

- I think, you got used to the team easily…

- Yes, I did. The boys are great. I do not feel like legionary. The coaches help and support me. They give me useful advices.

- Do you like the city?

- Ventspils is a calm and cozy city. The boys told me Ventspils is great in summer. I just have to wait for summer.

- I can imagine how difficult it is to bear current spring for the Georgian who loves warmth…

- If 5 degree will be regularly, it is almost happiness!

- Have you passed adaptation easily?

- I think I am fully adapted. I know what the coach wants from me and I must work more.

- In the next round “Ventspils” will play against current champion “Daugava”. It will be an interesting team…

- It will be a tough and interesting match. I do not know what will happen but I believe we will do our best for each victory. Of course, “Ventspils” wants to win.

- In case of victory you will overcome the champion with 5 points. It is a great stimulus…

- Yes, but I think we must not think about it. We must show our football and beat one of the main opponents.


Lasha Tabagari