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That's Strategy and Vision

What a good thing when you have a goal and know what you are doing. How the vision of “Locomotive” differs from the other Georgian clubs – those, who were dismissed or sold this summer all are in normal European clubs. Not in grand, but exactly in that team, which the player needs for development and climb new heights. How is it to send player from First League to grand? It is useless if football player cannot establish himself there.

All the players, who left “Locomotive”, have more or less chance to play in the main team.

Luka Kikabidze plays for “Bastia” France, Luka Zarandia for “Genk” Belgium, Giorgi Aburjania for “Anorthosis” Cyprus, Giorgi Gorozia for “Stabek” Norway. Now, Davit Ubilava may join “Aalborg” Denmark and Nika Chanturia and Davit Jikia, who moved to “Dinamo” Tbilisi.

Do you remember such transfers in summer from any of the Georgian clubs? Only in a year, in 2-month period.

Of course, a good play of these boys in the Georgian U-17 and U-19 teams, opened the door to Europe, but they appeared in that team from “Locomotive”, they worked in a good atmosphere, with good coaches and leadership. They do not interfere players go to Europe.

The clubs of Super League cannot play in Europe, or “Locomotive” has chosen this path for a long time and continues to succeed, it is the vision and strategy. 

Vazha Zazashvili