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Okriashvili Spent Saturday Evening and Sunday in the Belgian Police Department

Tornike Okriashvili, midfielder of Georgian national team, who joined “Genk” 3 days ago, spent Saturday evening and Sunday in the Genk police department. The Belgian internet portal reports this information.

According to the edition, on Saturday, after the match against “Kortrijk” (1:1), several players of “Genk”, including the Georgian, used an alcohol in the bus. The teammates continued drinking in the apartment of South African Ngcongca Anele, where also Congolese Ilombo Mboyo and Zairean Herve Kage were.  

Later, Okriashvili and Anele started a quarrel. The reason why they fought is unknown. According to one of the versions, 22-year-old Georgian player named his teammates “monkeys”. According to the second version, Okriashvili did not like Anele’s comments, which he made about the Georgian after the match.

After this, Okriashvili left Africans campaign, but he could not drove too far by his car, because the fuel finished. Early in the morning, police arrested him drunk. The Georgian was released from the police department after the intervention of Eric Gerets (director of the club) and Tony Greco (team’s manager).

The source reports that Okriashvili had a reputation of “cool” boy in the Ukrainian clubs. During the last three weeks, he disputed against teammates and coaches of “Genk” several times.

Naturally, “Genk” will impose sanctions to the Georgian midfielder and to all three Africans. 

Lasha Tabagari