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Fan of "Genk": "Okri is a Player of that Style, Who will Make Children Love Football"

On Saturday, August 30, “Racing” Genk visited “Ostend” and played draw 1:1. As soon as I heard that Tornike Okriashvili was coming in the city, where I am now, I immediately decided to attend the match.  

Finally arrived Saturday evening and my brother and I, with Georgian flag, went to the stadium. We were sitting close to the fans of “Genk” and we heard their comments about Tornike Okriashvili. “Okri” was quite active and often deserved applause, which filled us with pride. I decided not to write a lot about the match, in order not to be too subjective. During the break, I managed to mix with “Genk” fans and chose 74-year-old Dirk Dehrot for a small interview. I think it will be interesting to the readers of

Welcome Mr. Dirk, I am from the country of “Okri” and want to interview you for one of the most popular sports sites of Georgia. Have you heard anything about Georgian sport? 

It’s pleasure to give an interview to the Georgian edition, because two Georgians play for our team. To tell the truth, I have not heard much about Georgia before moving “Okri” and Zarandia to our team, but after that I asked and discovered many interesting things about Georgia.

What can you say about Georgia and Georgian athletes. 

I’ll start by saying that I am a fan of football with quite big experience. I have attended several World and European Championships, Euro Tournaments. Of the Georgians, I remember Davit Kipiani, who reminds me Zinedin Zidan. He was an elegant player, but I knew him more as a Soviet player than as Georgian, and now realize that for such a small country as yours, it is a sad reality. I remember Shota Arveladze from “Ajax”, a brilliant scorer. I know also Kakhi Kaladze and Giorgi Kinkladze. I remember how idolized was Kinkladze in “City”, also remember Ketsbaia, who is now a head coach of your team.

It’s interesting. It turns out that you know a lot about Georgian football…

All this came after transferring “Okri” and Zarandia. Also, I know that several Georgian players played in our Championship before. You have very talented young players.

How would you describe Tornike Okriashvili?

“Okri” is a player of that style, who can make children love football. He is very talented and skillful player. Even that way, how he takes a ball, gives me pleasure. I like his playing style, ambitious and attacking. I am sure that he will reach the great heights, because he is clearly different from other players.

Is adaptation hard for “Okri”?

Today, it was just the sixth official match of him and I can say that he is already one of the leaders of the team. He feels very free on the field and has a good vision of the stadium. He had a disciplinary punishment, but I think that this was because of his age.

You may not have heard that the Georgians were called "the Brazilians of the Soviet Union"...

Looking at “Okri” and Kinkladze, you can understand why. In general, I am a supporter of technical and attacking football and when completely unfamiliar player to me joined “Genk”, I searched videos about him and I want to say that the leadership of “Genk” made us a surprise (laughs).

What can you say about Luka?

He is still very young, but as far as I know from the leadership of “Genk”, is also very talented. I hope that Luka gains his form soon and uses his talent to the benefit of our team.

By the way, I think that Okri will not stay for a long in our team and it saddens me.

To what is your fear related?

Such players do not stay unnoticed. Today finances decide everything in football and I think that in the next two seasons the stronger League will purchase him.

And finally, what would you say to the Georgian fans?

I would like to wish you success in sports and want Okri, to become a super star from “Genk” (laughs).



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