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Making Friends with "Dinamo"Tbilisi and "Dinamo" Moscow


This year, it is 90th anniversary of “Dinamo”. Genady Soloviov the president of “Dinamo” Tbilisi and the reps of the club visited “Dinamo”. We heard very interesting stories from them at Dighomi base.

Roman Pipia (the president of “Dinamo”):” the managing board of “Dinamo” Moscow arrived here and we want to carry out big projects among our clubs. On July 7, was planned the meeting between the veterans of “Dinamo” Moscow and “Dinamo” Tbilisi, also the match between the main clubs. I think this news will make the veterans very happy”.

Genady Soloviov:” To my mind, it is a good undertaking. Russia and Georgia is impossible to imagine without each other. I mean football players. Mikheil Yakushin, Gavril Kachalin used too work in Tbilisi… you had brilliant football players and they are friends of Russian colleagues. Russians have nostalgia of this time and I know that Georgians also. We want to organize the match between children’s clubs”.

Soloviov and Pipia were asked a question about holding united championship. This idea is a top news in Russian press.

Soloviov:” I support to this opinion. I am an old fan. I know that Georgian side denied it first. I am sure, that there are many fans in Georgia, which want united championship to be held. I think for “Dinamo” Tbilisi also will be good to hold match against us, than against Georgian clubs. I believe that “Dinamo” stadium of Tbilisi will be full of people for our match”.

Pipia:” It is not depend on our position. I know that Europe does not support this idea, Ukraine also. So, this project supposedly will not be carried out. “Dinamo” Tbilisi will not deny of participation in it. Because we all see that we have lack of playing against strong rivals”.

Soloviov said many times that he wants “Dinamo” Moscow and “Dinamo” Tbilisi to play against each other in  Champions League.

Konstantin Vibornov (PR manager of “Dinamo” Moscow):” this project is called “Dinamo without boarders”. In fact we have not played against each other for 25 years, that’s why we want children, besides seniors and veterans to play against each other. In April we will arrive in Tbilisi at the tournament. 96 matches were held between “Dinamo” Tbilisi and “Dinamo” Moscow. We would like, to reach 10 and it will be pleasant if the 10thmatch will be under the auspices of Champions League match”.