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Mamuka Gorgodze: "Let Us Play the Last-Place Team of Six Nations"

Mamuka Gorgodze, flanker of the Georgia national team and “Toulon” of France, talked about his club and the national team in an interview with the French internet portal Midi-Olympique.

- “Toulon” beat “Racing” in the previous round of Top 14. You did not play in this match but it is interesting, what do you think about this victory?

- I missed a lot of matches in the previous and the current seasons but there is a great competition in “Toulon” and it is not surprising. If we look at the composition of the mentioned match, we will find some new names and we can say that the team played with the second composition. However, it does not mean that they are not as good as the others. They just have less experience. “Toulon” is always improving its game and at the end of the season it will be in the best shape.

- In “Toulon” you started playing in the second row…

- I prefer playing in the back row but the team needs me in the second one. I am a member of the team and I will play where I am told to. Bernard Laporte asked me if I could play in the second row and of course, I agreed. We have many injured players in this position. I started my career in the second row. So, I have played in this position before.

- It is your second year in “Toulon”. After not so good year, you seem to find your place in the team…

- At the beginning of the previous season I got injured and missed a lot of time. I needed time for recovery. There is a big competition in the team but this year I play more often. Even world-class stars are fighting for their place in lineup.

- You describe other players as stars but in our opinion, you are a star too…

- I am not a star. On TV I watched the games of those players who I play with now. I respect them but I never had an idol. I have my advantages and I know how to use them. I am glad that I am in center of attention in France and at World Cup.

- You played for the national team a few days ago. In Georgia rugby has become as popular as football. What do you think about it?

- We have very good football players but they lose matches and people go to stadiums to watch Italy and France… 55 000 spectators attended our last match in Tbilisi. I am very surprised that 55 000 tickets were sold. The situation has changed after World Cup and soon rugby will become number one sport in Georgia.

- After successful World Cup, the Georgia national team won Nations Cup easily…

- I think it is time for Georgia to play at higher level tournaments. It may not be Six Nations but something between Nations Cup and Six Nations. We must play the teams like Japan, Canada, the USA, Tonga and Fiji. We are not a big team but we have potential. Nations Cup is not enough for our development any more.

- The talks about replacing Italy by Georgia have increased recently…

- But Parisse does not agree on it… His job is to play and not to decide who deserves to play in Six Nations and who does not. At this moment the Georgia national team is not ready to play in Six Nations but one thing is for sure – today’s Georgia would not be scored 70 points by Wales. If we had played in Six Nations as many years as Italy, we would have had much bigger progress. Italy is a good team with great players… We do not talk about it to the press but if the Italians are so sure in their advantage, let them prove it on the field. Let the match between the last-place team of Six Nations and the winner of Nations Cup take place. Parisse is a world-class player but his words insulted us.