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Nika Kacharava: "I Thought the Referee Would Have Awarded a Penalty"

Nika Kacharava, debutant of the Georgia national team, talked to journalists after Georgia-Kazakhstan friendly match (1:1).

The 22-year-old forward showed up in the second half and had debut in “Crusaders”.

According to Nika, Georgia lacked realization of the moments to win the match. Besides that, he noted the Kazakhs violated the rules and penalty must have been awarded.

- What can you say about debut, did you feel nervous?

- Of course, I did because it was my childhood dream.

- What happened when you fell in penalty area of the opponent?

- The ball hit my hand but before that the opponent violated the rules and I thought the referee would have awarded a penalty.

- What did you lack for victory?

- Realization of the moments. I had two moments but could not use them.

- Is there an adaptation problem?

- Yes, it is a new team which has a new coach and we need time for adaptation.