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Guram Kashia: "We Need Time for Adaptation to the System of the New Coach"

Guram Kashia, defender of the Georgia national team and “Vitesse” Arnhem, talked to journalists after Georgia-Kazakhstan friendly match (1:1).

According to Kashia, the team changed two coaches in a year which is not easy and he needs time for adaptation to the system of Weiss.

- What did new coach change?

- It is early to talk about it. As for the match, I think we played well in the first half. However, we were not good in the second half. We had to play better.

- A year ago you played Malta under the leadership of Kakha Tskhadadze who had debut and you won. Now Vladimir Weiss had debut but you played draw. Compare the debut matches of these two coaches and what did the team lack for victory?

- We changed two coaches in a year which is very tough. They have different system. For example, we played Malta with three central defenders. Now we had four defenders against Kazakhstan. We need time for adaptation to the system of the new coach.

- Some fans were dissatisfied with ticket price…

- I want all fans to come to the stadium. I cannot say anything about ticket price. Players do not decide it.

- Has situation settled down in “Vitesse”?

- Yes, everything is all right.