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The Debut Match of Vladimir Weiss Opened His Eyes

Vladimir Weiss held a debut match in the Georgia national team. “Crusaders” could not beat Kazakhstan (1:1) under the leadership of the Slovak specialist. Weiss talked about interesting issues at the post-match press conference. According to him, one match showed him a lot and opened his eyes.

Weiss added he was satisfied with some players and dissatisfied with some.

Vladimir Weiss (head coach of the Georgia national team): “The first match is always tough for coach. I am very dissatisfied with the result. As for the players, I am satisfied with some of them and others disappointed me. The Kazakhstan national team played at high level but I think we must beat such teams”.

Kazaishvili’s position and delayed substitutions “I will start by saying that Levan Mchedlidze got injured at the practice. That is why Kazaishvili played on this position and I am not going to use him as a center forward in the future. As for the substitutions, I wanted the players who cannot play much in their clubs to play in this match. I want to note good games of Giorgi Navalovski and Jaba Kankava. In my opinion, Okriashvili was the best on the field. Aburjania had a debut in the national team and I see potential in him. I replaced Amisulashvili because we wanted him and Kvirkvelia to play one half. I am satisfied with Nika Kacharava’s game. Despite the debut, he was very active. As for Revishvili, he does not have playing practice in the club and I want him to be self-confident. Of course, we believe in Loria”.

Players who did not play and Jano Ananidze “I will start with the second question. I do not think Ananidze played terribly. He is talented but he is not ready to play 90 minutes. When he will be 100 per cent ready, I cannot imagine the team offence without him. I expect more from Chanturia. Finally, I saw who does and does not do his best for the national team. This one match opened my eyes”.

The Austrian meeting“This year we are holding very few matches. So, the next three friendly matches will be very important. We must work on improvement of the mistakes”.

The next qualifying stage“First of all, I want to say that the third place will not bring us anything. We must try to take higher place in the qualifying stage. After the match I talked to the players and tried not to criticize them. I am satisfied with some of them but there are some players who must play better. Otherwise, they will not be in the national team”.

The players of the national championship in the national team – “Two months are left before the Austrian meeting and we have time. I will consult with local coaches because I do not know their possibilities yet. I will observe young players, including Grigalashvili and Kakabadze, who were not called up this time”.