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Giorgi Aburjania: "My Goal Is to Become a Leader of "Gimnastic"

Giorgi Aburjania transferred to “Gimnastic” Tarragona a month ago but he had a debut last weekend when the club beat “Tenerife” (2:1). Aburjania told that his goal is to become a leader of “Gimnastic”.

- How does your adaptation go on and how do you feel in Spain?

- I feel good and I am getting used to a new environment.

- You had a debut in the last round…

- We won 2:1. We gained 3 points, played good football and got pleasure from it. It is important to gain many points in order to play in play-offs.

- Did head coach Vicente Moreno talk to you after the match?

- Of course, he did. Moreno talks to me every day. He explains me what he wants from me.

- What prevents you from adaptation most?

- My goal is to establish myself in lineup and to become a leader. Language is a great obstacle for me. I always talk to coach with somebody else’s help. The team is trying to help me and now I have a teacher. I have Spanish language course twice a week.

- Giorgi, according to the Spanish media, “Gimnastic” paid 150 000 EUR for you. Is it true?

- I do not know it.

- What do you think about Kakha Tskhadadze’s scandal and Gia Geguchadze’s appointment in the U-21 team?

- I cannot be competent about Kakha Tskhadadze because I have never worked with him. Whoever will be appointed in the national team, I wish good luck to him. As for the youth team, I want to thank Aleksandre Chivadze. This man taught us a lot and it was a great honor for me to work with him. I have never worked with Gia Geguchadze before but I am happy that he is appointed in the U-21 team. His attitude toward football is ideal for me and I think Geguchadze’s experience will help not only the youth team but the whole Georgian football as well.