16:41 | 22.09

The Second Gold Medal - Beka Lomtadze Is a World Champion!

Beka Lomtadze is a world champion in 61 kg! It is the second gold medal for the Georgian freestyle wrestling team at World Championship which is underway in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

18:42 | 21.09

Three Times in a Row - Geno Petriashvili Is a World Champion!

Geno Petriashvili (125 kg) is a world champion three times in a row! Petriashvili beat Taha Akguel of Turkey in final of World Freestyle Wrestling Championship. It is the first gold medal of Georgia at the current championship.


17:21 | 08.07

016 Teams will be in the Super League

The executive committee meeting was held today in the Georgian Football Federation, where it was announced that 16 teams would be in Super League. It is not officially confirmed, but it has been already ...

16:24 | 05.11

0Premier - Summary of the First Round

The first round of the Premier League completed and how do we assess? Compared to the previous season when “Dinamo” and “Dila” dominated, this time the level is equalized. Today ...