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9:41 | 7.10.2017 | Viewed 321

Vladimir Weiss: "We Should Be Realists"

Vladimir Weiss, head coach of the Georgia national team, summarized the match against Wales (0:1). The Slovak specialist highlighted that some players of the national team do not have playing practice.

“One of the factors is that many players do not have playing practice. Kankava does not play for any club. Aburjania has a little practice. Gvilia is spending the whole day on the bench. I cannot blame my players – they did everything today.

We held the toughest match in Serbia. Of course, I, as a coach, am responsible for the result but we must remember that we were in Pot 6. The players play as they can but it is not enough.

Of course, we must have won over Moldova. Everything has its own limits and stronger wins in the end. Georgia has talented players but it needs time.

We certainly do not have progress regarding points but the team gained more experience. Young players have showed up in the national team. We have better game quality. There are some mistakes, including mine. Overall, Georgia has potential to show better results in the future.

The Slovakia national team which I have coached before was much stronger team. Today we should be realists. The Georgian players do not have playing practices in the clubs like BATE and Tobol.

As for Kankava, I think he played at high level and deserves to play for a good team.

As for the upcoming match, there will be at least 3-4 substitutions in the composition”, - Weiss stated.

After 9 rounds Georgia is in the fifth place with five points.

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