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9:10 | 7.10.2017 | Viewed 153

Chris Coleman: "I Am Happy with the Result"

Chris Coleman, head coach of the Wales national team, held a press conference after beating Georgia 1:0. According to the Welsh specialist, Georgia is a good team and therefore, it is a satisfying result.

“I remember the previous matches of Georgia and especially against Serbia when it was winning 1:0. It is a good team with a clever coach. That is why, I am very happy with the result. Georgia had some chances at the end of the match but everything ended up in our favor.

I am happy that Tom Lawrence played at very high level. Overall, he held today’s match well and played a key role in victory.

We are playing a decisive match against Ireland and I think, it will be an interesting one.

Despite the fact, that draw is enough for playoffs we will play only for three points.

Otar Kakabadze could have scored a goal at the end and it would have been my fault because I made substitutions.

Ashley Williams is a key player for us. He is a real captain and leader. After ¼ final of European Championship we held only three matches when our leaders Allen, Ramsey and Bale were not the pitch. Such situation is familiar for us.

Bale and Ramsey are key figures for us. We can hold some matches without them but it is difficult to hold the entire qualifying stage”, - Coleman stated.

Wales beat Georgia for the first time and is close to World Cup.

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