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19:44 | 5.10.2017 | Viewed 97

Chris Coleman: "If the Georgian Team Continues in This Way, It will Definitely Succeed"
"The Georgians Overcame Us in Cardiff and I think We will Have a Difficult Match Tomorrow"

Chris Coleman, head coach of the Wales national team, held a press conference before the match against Georgia. According to an experienced specialist, the goal of the Welsh team is a victory and despite the lack of Bale, they are in Tbilisi for three points.

Besides, Coleman praised the Georgian team and said that he has a great chance to succeed in the future.

“Bale was at the gathering, but due to his ankle trauma has not practiced with the team. Of course, it’s bad that he will not be with us, but we have been in a similar situation before and I think we have a strong team to achieve the desired result. If we fail tomorrow, it will not be a fault of Bale.

Georgian team is a good team and has nothing to lose. They overcame us in the first meeting. Depending on the game shown in Cardiff, we could be defeated. Besides, the Georgian national team has proved to be e very strong team in the qualifying cycle. We have a negative balance with the Georgians and I think that tomorrow’s match will be tense and exciting.

The Georgian team holds the ball well, but in international football it is not enough and the experience is important. I am sure if Georgian team continues in this way, it will succeed in the future,” – said Coleman.

The match between Georgia and Wales will take place on October 6, “Dinamo Arena”, 20:00.

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