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18:31 | 5.10.2017 | Viewed 53

Vako Gvilia: "It's Time for the Joy of the Georgian Fans"

Vako Gvilia, the midfielder of the Georgian national team, has expressed his confidence before the match against Wales and said that the team will do everything for the Georgian fans to regain the joy.

“We play one of Europe’s best teams, which made through to semifinal of the European Championship. We will try to get back the joy of the Georgian people. The Georgian people deserve the joy that was previously given by “Dinamo” Tbilisi.

I think the Georgian team has the power to fight for bigger forums. However, it will happen when the nation, journalists, fans, everybody will be united.

As for the fact that we do not have a victory in this qualifying circle – it is connected with many factors. Misfortune, referees. The fact is that due to the quality of our game we have to fight for the group now.

I do not have a good situation in the club, but I am doing everything to be in shape. I have additional practices. Despite the fact that I do not have a good situation in the club, Mr. Weiss trusts me and I would like to thank him for it.

The Georgian team will do everything for victory in tomorrow’s match. The time has come for the Georgian fans to regain the joy”, - said Gvilia.

The match between Georgian and Wales will start on October 6, “Dinamo Arena”, 20:00.

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