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10:48 | 9.09.2017 | Viewed 528

Mike Dixon - Thank You!

After the match against Italy Mike Dixon came in with the head coach Ilias Zouros. The last game of the national team at the group stage of European Championship has ended and Dixon, we and Zouros are waiting for Israel, who lost to Ukraine without fight and emotion. Now let’s talk with Mike Dixon, the legionary of the team, who played three games of five at very high level.

I did not ask anything to Dixon and Zouros at the conference. I just thanked them.

-Mike did the team deserve victory over Italy?

-If you win, nobody will ask you deserve it or not. Perhaps it is right just to congratulate.

-Today we had a lot of mistakes…

-There were mistakes, but we did not fight. It is bad that we have not used a few chances in the last seconds.

-At last, you shot 3-pointer. This was an order of the head coach or your decision?

-It does not matter. I missed it and lost the game. Italy is a good team…

-But we could win! You probably wanted to say that.

-Yes, I wanted… I really wanted to win. Despite many problems, the national team made maximum. I do not mean the result. I am talking about desire to win. We wanted to win all the games, but unfortunately we could not.

-Will you stay in the team?

- If Georgia is not against ...

-Is Zouros severe head coach?

- Zouros is a good coach.

-Could we win more games with the best composition?

-With better and healthy composition we would make fewer mistakes.

-Are you satisfied with your game?

-No, I am not. I had mistakes and wrong decisions. I could play better.

-Who is the favorite of the Championship?

-I do not know. I do not think about it.

The conversation with Dixon has ended. He entered the dressing room and in a few hours we learned that our championship was over.

Mike gave the team his maximum. Mike Dixon is a very good player, good friend and unchangeable for our team.

Thank you, Mike!

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Crocobet is the sponsor of the official Fan Club of Georgian national team.

Zura Talakvadze, specially for from Tel Aviv

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